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At the beginning of the year I would have never seen myself on a plane to Sweden or anywhere else. But there I was on march 25th 2009. I left for a automotive foreign exchange program with a Swedish school called VTC or "J". I have always loved cars but never had the opportunity to work on them. Then I enrolled in Rim´s automotive program everyday I could. I´d be alongside of Dave elbow deep in grease and oil.

When I heard about the exchange program I newer thought I´d be part of it. Just over half a schoolyear Dave extended the offer to the students in my class including me. Still I never thought I´d be able to go. But I still went for it. I talked briefly to my parents about it and wrote a essay to Dave about it. And there I was, standing at the doors of VTC.

VTC opened my eyes, I could not believe how amazing the school was, and I even learned a good deal.

Even more than the school I found Sweden to be a great place. The people were all very welcoming, the food was great, family values still were strong, and so much more. Sweden was so peaceful, so calm and relaxing although a little cold at times.

I enjoyed this trip very much and was glad I hade the privilege to be part of it. I could even see myself returning to Sweden. But maybe I should learn a little more svenska first. All and all It´s a trip that greatly benefited me, and is a trip I will never forget.

Ben Reynolds


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