Mattias tankar på engelska

My Rim High/Davis Experience


I was really nervous about the first meeting whit the American students, just because all that I had in my head was that I was going to spend five weeks together whit a guy I never talk to or seen.

I had a big expectation in my head how California would look like and it was exactly how I imagine it.

Rim of the World High School.

The first day we went to the school I had all kinds of thoughts and expectations.

And after that day I was pretty chocked. They have security guards that literally pushed the students into their class rooms. On top of that, if they are in the hall way when they have a class whit out a premonition they have to go to the principal, and Saturday school. So the big difference is that the American school are so much more strict in all kind of way.

I have had a lot discussions whit the family I'm staying whit about the different school systems.

We did come to a conclusion that the Swedish students take more responsibility than the Americans.

About the classes I don't know if it's THAT big of a difference. The thing I notice is that they have a little more theoretical class then we do and a lot of homework. A LOT!

Davis Auto body & Paint

A strange thing is how everything can be so different even if it's the same work.

I spent most of my time together whit the painter Steve and it was really interesting to compeer between the Swedish way of working and the American way. The biggest difference was the way the company got paid from the insurance company. The insurance only paid for as little as possible.   

Comparison Sweden-USA

I didn't think that it would be as big of a difference as it was, i was amazed really!

But I don't know how and what I can say is different.

I guess the biggest thing is the school system, and when we talked about what's different they wore chocked about that we get money to go to school, that all education is free. That sixteen year olds got their own student apartment buy their own.

Final thoughts

When we went from Sweden, I thought that Sweden was not that good of a country, small and boring, but now when I have been In America as a citizens for three weeks I realize that Sweden Is a pretty darn good country to live in.

Not that America is that bad, but we have so much more security both in economy and safety.

This trip have been a true life experience that I'll never forget. To have that possibility to go to a country as a citizen and not a tourist! I love America, but Sweden is one step higher!

                                                                                                                                                 Mattias Johansson


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