Jennys tankar på engelska

My trip as a exchange student



My nerves was actually in a quite good shape even when the days start to count down from weeks just to a couple of days before they would stand right in front of us. But the same day the students arrived to Östersund I could barley breathe. Now after these weeks it feels like;

Why was I so nervous just for this?

Davis Auto Body

I actually think that was the best internship I've done. The people at the shop liked their job! They get to their job with a smile in the morning. They could teach at the same time as they were joking. They maked the ambiance relaxed and good. They first days was quite hard when I didn't knew the words for like surface and stuff.. (quite common words...) but when I started to explain what I was trying to say, he seem to understand it anyway. The internship was just a week there, but I think I learned more that week, that I've done during the months at the Swedish internships. Everyone felt sad when it was time to say good bye. They was a whole bunch of good people, all of them!

Comparing Sweden / USA

Okey, the weather is better! surprised? No. They towns are cooler and stuff like that, but the basic things is better here. The green weed, our warm houses, the food. But I could feel that the people there were better to listen and help each other. Here everyone is just thinking about them selves. Look at the traffic for example. It's cars everywhere but they can still shift files cause they help each other. Here everyone is just thinking: Me first! I think it was very good to live in their system for a couple of weeks, cause now we now that it's not so perfect at it sounds. I mean, you love a country, you go there every vacation you get, but that's just because you know the good places to sleep, eat, swim, clime. what ever.. You don't have to know all the bad stuff behind the walls. One good thing with Sweden is that we don't have so many people who have to live on the street. I feel so sorry for the pore guys. And another good thing is that everyone is welcome to the hospital! I like Sweden, I really do.


I think the whole program was a very important time for all of the involved students. It made me build up a new vision about different peoples behavior and how their life looks like. I met a lot of nice people as I hope I'll keep the communication with later. I'm very glad that I was one of the students who could go! I can really recommend this for other students.



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