Riley berättar

Riley berättar om sig själv och utbytet

My name is Riley McDonald. I am lucky enough to be here in Sweden 

through my high school's media exchange program. Some of my main 

interests are music, video, and anything I can find to do that is fun. 

I have really enjoyed my stay in Sweden. All of the people I have met 

here have been very kind and seem a lot more humble than the average 

American. I really enjoy the relaxed and focused atmosphere that this 

school has. I found myself a whole lot more creative and productive 

when I had hours at a time to work on a project instead of the rigid 

schedule that I'm used to back in California. As far as activities go, 

I have been to a graduation ceremony, go-karting, Boda Borg, laser 

tag, ridden a snowmobile, and even milked a cow. I have been staying 

with a very generous family on their milk farm. Their house is so warm 

and comforting and they are always trying to make my stay here even 

better. Being out the the United States has really opened my eyes to 

the ways other countries run and now I hardly want to go back.


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