Jared berättar

Jared berättar om sig själv och resan hit

My name is Jared Powell, a media student from California. I have been 

very lucky in getting picked to come to Sweden. The two weeks here 

were really fun and a big learning experience for me. Going to the 

media school here was really amazing, with getting to know Swedish 

students who I had a lot in common with.  In many ways, the program 

here is a lot bigger than what we have at home. On top of that, 

throughout my couple visits to Europe, I have never met anyone nicer 

and so very good at English as the people I've met in Östersund. There 

was never a moment I felt unwelcome or uncomfortable, everyone felt 

like a friend who I hadn't seen in a long time. I really hope that I 

can find a way to come back and perhaps go to college here.


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